On this first Missions trip we had a team of Pastors who taught in different sessions to the local Pastors  They took the time give up selling to earn an income for one week  to be at all the sessions and at the end of the week there was a water baptism and an outdoor service.  This trip opened my eyes to how blessed and fortunate we are in the United States.

Liberia 2012

Mission 2014

The activities for this trip includes sorting ,distributing clothing, toiletries, shoes and gifts  to the children. We hosted 5 free lunch sessions for children in Brewerville, Buchanan, Morris Farm, Kakata and Congo Town. We participated in the Ordination for Rev. Yalartai and the dedication of the Congo Town FRT church building. I spent some quality time with the youth of the church and the children.  My visits includes the churches, orphanage and the children Ministry. Our gifts were greatly appreciated.  Our mission was accomplished.